SPACEWEATHER: Bringing you the best in news for the current heliospheric activity!

“Utter radio’s answer to the shipping forecast”

Gary Morrisroe, Utter Radio owner

Space weather is an automated weather programme, based off information published by the the NOAA’s s space weather prediction center (SWPC). It is created and broadcast daily.


Space weather
(May not match the current airing Space weather, which only updates at 21:30)

You can listen to Space weather live on Utter Radio at the top of the hour between 22:00 and 02:00.

To listen out of hours, or read todays transcript, visit THE SPACEWEATHER SERVER.

(Note: This may not work on some connections)

“Space Weather is my favourite thing anyone’s doing on Utter right now”

David Smith, Utter Radio head of pre-recorded content
  1. Space weather overview for the last 24 hours is issued by the NOAA.
  2. The SPACEWEATHER SERVER accesses the overview and performs multiple Regex transformations to make it ready for broadcast.
  3. TTS takes the transformed overview and creates the vox audio.
  4. The bed is generated from solar data, also provided by the NOAA.
  5. The final audio file is assembled and hosted.
  6. accesses the file for broadcast.

Space weather is created by William Greenwood, on behalf of XMDV Radio, for Utter Radio and supported by the NOAA.